Olie’s Seventh Grade Want List


. Become an Actress (Sort of, I guess)

. Be great at singing (Neva gonna happen)

. Do my back handspring (Almost happened, then didn’t)

. My hair to be curly (Yup, happened)

. To meet Miley Cyrus (YUP…sorta)

. To meet Jake Austin (YUP)

. Star in Hannah Montana (NOPE)

. Have more confidence (Double NOPE, I’m kidding… a little)

. Find my bracelet and headband (NOPE and don’t care)

. Watch Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E (Saw one!)

. Meet the cast of lost (YUP!!!!)

. Find out the ending of lost (YUP!!!)

. Be in an adventure/mystery movie or show (NOPE! Unless you count rectangibles…)


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